The JavaHub Mission

To Make Great Tasting Coffee Affordable and Easily Accessible in Your Home and Business.

So How Do Our Coffee Subscription Boxes Work?

We don't like to brag, but our straight forward coffee subscription and reselling system is why we are one of the fastest growing coffee companies. Being an experienced independent roaster, we supply award winning, luxury, speciality coffee to home and office baristas throughout the UK and Ireland.

With affordable ways to brew, using modern equipment like Aeropress and Moka Pots, or the best international brands of coffee machines and espresso makers for the home, we're providing you the best brewing processes with the highest quality international coffee.

Your coffee subscription box isn't your bog-standard subscription. We give you FREE kit to get you brewing quickly, a flavoured syrup, alongside your choice of number of coffee bags, and we don't charge delivery.

No long term commitments or contracts and you can chop and change your blends whenever you like.

I think it's time to you joined the JavaHub movement, don't you? 

You Subscribe.

Click through our brew method options, choose your blends and flavoured syrup, and then pick what FREE brewing equipment you would like to start with...

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We Roast & Deliver.

No matter if you subscribe, weekly or monthly for your coffee kick, we aim to roast and dispatch your coffee within 48 hours, meaning the freshest bags of coffee direct to your door.

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You Brew & Enjoy.

With our large selection of brewing equipment and espresso machines, we make it even easier for you to make the perfect coffee at home. Let us know what you think...😉

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Let's Make Coffee.

You don't need to spend a fortune on great coffee?

Find out how to have the luxury for less than 18p per coffee.

Equipment & Kit