Bringing the coffee to you at home

Bringing the coffee to you at home

With everyone being advised to avoid any public or crowded areas. To work from home, events and festivals being cancelled, schools closing and the expectation of lockdowns, we want to do everything we can to spread some sort of joy and happiness. 

We will be visiting areas across the southeast, to knock on your door and offer some hot, fresh coffee. 

You will also be able to buy by the bag, #buyonegiveone will still apply, order our subscription or purchase for your neighbours.

We will be announcing the locations we will be visiting, across our website and social media, where you can also pre-order your coffee ready for when our JavaGO van is in your area.

Health and safety is a big feature to ensure we do not aid any spread and prevent further infection. All our products are bagged with this in mind, taking care to wash hands, wear gloves and masks and deep clean. Our JavaGO teams staff will be wearing masks and gloves, regularly changing them as well as contactless delivery and payments to ensure those with symptoms can still benefit. All surfaces will be deep cleaned each day ready for the next delivery.

FREE to NHS staff and Emergency services 

With the Coronavirus affecting businesses everywhere, causing closures and home working for many around the country. Our front line services however do not get the same luxury, with the NHS in full swing to take on the worst cases, cancelling routine operations to make space for the expected increase in patients as the situation worsens. 

The emergency services will be relied upon more and more each day, with those worried about symptoms at home, policing the streets and protecting the vulnerable. These brave people do not have a choice but to continue to work, putting themselves at risk everyday to protect the rest of us.

That’s why we feel you should be rewarded for your efforts. If you see our Van or we knock on your door, show us your ID and we will provide you with a fresh, hot pick me up of your choice, completely free of charge to say a massive thank you from us!

50% off for anyone over 65

Panic buying has been seen everywhere and retail stores shelves emptying of anything and everything. We are seeing them combat this with restrictions on the number of products one person can buy as well as early morning shopping hours for the elderly. The government advises grandchildren and visits to be stopped for the elderly as they are some of the most ‘at risk’ in our community. Meaning they may be the most at risk but also the most isolated for support. 

We will be supporting by providing 50% off for anyone over the age of 65, alongside our free check in service.

10% profits to FareShare

Obviously we are still a business and so all our products will be available to purchase. Although our aim is to help as much as we can, during this incredibly tough time. 

We have partnered with FareShare on our #buyonegiveone campaign which means we are donating a bag of coffee for each bag sold over the next month. 

But with businesses, shelters, donation and pick up centres closing and the ability to provide to those most in need becomes more difficult, we need to enable them to continue to buy food and supply to those who rely on these food banks and charities. 

That is why 10% of any profits made from our JavaGO community project will be donated to FareShare, to help with the funds they require to buy food and continue to provide for those most in need.

FREE check in service

We are also providing a community service where, whilst we are in an area serving coffee, we will be happy to check in on a family member or friend. With restrictions on travel, work, visiting family and the prospect of this getting worse, we want you to have the ability to make sure those your care about are ok. It’s extremely important that everyone comes together to ensure those who can’t necessarily ask for help are checked on and provided for. At least some sort of comfort from this will help make everyones situation that little more bearable.

So if you have a concern about an at risk relative or friend, let us know and while we are in the area we will take the time to knock to check they are ok. If they are in need, we will do what we can to help or forward to a support service.

If they are not in or do not answer the door, we will pass the message back to the person who requested the check.


As part of our contactless payment and delivery you are also able to pre-order your coffee for yourself, a neighbour, friend or relative in an area we are visiting via our website. Simply visit and choose if you wish to order for yourself or somebody else on the day and area we visit. We will make this and deliver to the door. 

Why not leave a message to say who its from and that you hope this gift brightens their day in the message box and we will read this out to them upon delivery.

Just another way to help you and those around you.

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