'Going Live' with JavaHub TV

'Going Live' with JavaHub TV

Introducing JavaHub TV for all things coffee and equipment.

We see many review sites and pages where a professional barista takes you through the do's and do not's of making a decent coffee.. but what about all of us who just want to learn the basics and improve over time?

Thank you for telling us what you think is a good coffee machine, grinder or blend but what about those of us that don't have thousands to spend on a coffee machine and equipment, especially ones that do not leave us much room to make the evening meal?

Especially now, during and after the lockdown and furlough, more people are working from home on a more flexible or permanent basis. Lots of us are now finding that instant coffee just is not cutting it.

Like me, many of you want something better. Who cares about the little bit of extra time, care and attention we take to make it. Give me something that tastes great and looks fantastic, even on a budget! 

That's where JavaHub TV wants to help!

Our presenter Ant, a novice in the field of coffee, will learn with you as we take you on a journey through old and new coffee machines on the market. However, rather than tell you which you should or shouldn't buy, we will focus on what sort of results you can expect from each, good or bad!

We want you to make your own decision based on YOUR budget and home.

We will look at grinders, how they differ from each other and what we think are the ideal, standard grind settings are for different brews. Not to say you should stick to it! We will encourage you to experiment and if you find something that works better... LET US KNOW!

We will look at our coffee blends and the best ways to brew them as well as creating guides on how to use some of the equipment available out there!

If you have a question send it in to us at tv@javahubcoffee.com and we will endeavour to answer as many as we can during our live shows and chats.

This will be your world, your portal, your way to improve or learn from the start. We are all in this together.




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