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Tools you’ll need to make the Perfect Home Brew

  • by Pete Farrant

Often I’ll be watching a film, you know, one of those romantic comedies where something happens to the female lead, before she goes on a journey of self-discovery and encounters ‘Mr. Right’ on the way, they fall out but inevitably the love they have for each other and all is well with the world.. There is always that scene where she is in a café talking to her best pals about her dilemma and it’s during this, I always notice the little things, like what they are drinking or ordering.

Is it a cold brew? Cappuccino? Americano..? Often it’s a smoothie or an iced tea but whatever the drink, how many times have you thought ‘I’m gonna make one of those’, grabbed your phone to look up the instructions on a ‘how to’ guide and before you’ve even moved off of the sofa, you’ve decided you don’t have the relevant tools to make such a drink and give up? You’re not alone! 

So, here is our definitive guide to the tools of the trade, you’ll need at home, to make the perfect home brew…  


He chose poorly… (another film reference haha) Mugs are the last thing you think about when it comes to your morning coffee at home but really it should be the first.. Depending on what it is you prefer to enjoy will vary the size and even shape of the cup you choose to drink it from. Everyone has the hand me downs and those mugs you’re given at Easter with the logo of your favourite chocolate bar on them. But we are talking about having a selection, doesn’t need to be hundreds, but just a handful of different mugs to maximise the sensation when enjoying your coffee. Whether short and wide for your Cappuccino or tall for your morning Latte, my personal opinion is that having just the right cup will help you with milk quantities, strength of flavour and obviously the general enjoyment of the drink you’re trying to make.

Mini Milk Frother

These bad boys are a must in your kitchen draw, ready to pull out for that coffee that requires the creamiest, frothy milk. Easy to use and making the job quite a bit quicker than whisking on a stove, these mini whisks will help you perfect your cappuccinos and even try your hand at some Latte art… 

Metal Jug

 Lastly, no matter how you are going to brew your coffee; using a machine, V60 (supplied for free with our subscription), Cafetière etc the end result is a concentrated black coffee which is ready to go or awaiting the addition of some milk. If you want to get going with your milk frother, for a creamy coffee and the perfect amount of foam sitting on the top, then you will need the perfect pouring vessel for your milk! Metal Jugs are the way forward to hone your barista skills at home. Easily accessible however you froth your milk (Steam Nozzle or mini frother) and better for holding the heat you’ll soon be pouring coffees out better than the guys and gals at the local franchise!

So, there you have it, not an exhaustive list but the bare essentials that will ensure you can make those ever popular and even the more estranged varieties of coffee a possibility in the home! Look out for our ‘how to’ tutorials and vlogs for more hints and tips!


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