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Wake Up to Colour.

Premium Speciality Coffee.

Discover Coffee.

Roasted & Dispatched the Same Day.

We Guarantee Freshness and Flavour.


Delivering across the UK, direct to your door.

Carbon Neutral Couriers.


Save 30% on your Refill in our Kent Roastery.

Fresher Coffee and better for the Environment.


Not all Coffee is Black or White.

It's no secret that coffee can put a spring in your step, but we know it's so much more...

Regular coffee wakes you up, but the best coffee delights, inspires, encourages and most importantly adds colour, whatever life throws at you.

We ensure our speciality coffee is freshly roasted, ethically sourced and bursting with flavour, ready for your cup.

So, go beyond regular coffee in everyday moments and wake up to colour.

What's in the Cup?

Our accreditations speak for themselves, but what goes into our ethically sourced coffee.

Find out More.

Sourced Globally, Roasted in Kent.

Check out how and why we get our coffee from South America, Africa, North America & Asia.

More Info.

Here they are, mixed in together as if Monet himself collected coffee. Our full palette of 'Wake Up To Colour' coffees. Select your coffee by colour, origin, roast profile or of course, it's taste!

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Ethically sourced speciality coffee

This 'green' isn't about coffee (well it is a little bit)...

We are adjusting the way we work to ensure our future embraces a climate positive mindset to help aid in the sustainability and restoration of our planet. Here's how...


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