Motta Black Carbon Tamper

Motta Black Carbon Tamper

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Metallurgica Motta are the makers of the original competition tamper designed for the Barista world championships

This precision tamper is designed to ensure that you have a perfect fit for 58mm baskets .
These precision tampers prevent the tamper from moving side to side, which helps prevent channelling and spurting from the sides when using a naked portafilter.
Good tamping ensures a solid and even puck, which will enhance the shot for a smoother taste.

58mm version is made from a flat 58 mm, stainless steel base 
  • Made by Italy's top tamper makers
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Non stick stainless steel base
  • Weighted 365g for perfect compression 
  • White powder coated and special coating for the unique design 
  • Each handle is unique and the grain will vary.
Width: 58mm
Handle Width: 48mm
Handle Height: 81mm

Weight: 365 grams
Material: 100% ash with grain.

Made in Italy