The 12th Blend | Our 12th Blend changes every other month to a brand new blend.

The 12th Blend | Speciality Coffee

The 12th Blend | Speciality Coffee

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Introducing JavaHub's Exclusive 12th Blend. Our 12th blend is a premium speciality coffee selection which we refresh every two months with a new exciting blend. Experience some of the greatest and less common tastes from around the world. If you like bold flavours and something a little different, this one's for you.

Your first blend is the Kenya Peaberry. Peaberry's are the result of the natural mutation in the reproductive cycle of the coffee bush, when only one bean is produced by the coffee cherry rather than two.

Due to its rounded shape, it allows the berries to roll about in the roasting chamber more easily and roast slightly more evenly, creating a very consistent flavour.

The result;

An intensely rich, full-bodied coffee. Slow brew for a subtle chocolate start with a punchy, sweet acidity from lemongrass to finish.

A coffee that's perfect brewed slowly and served black.

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