SealPod Dolce Gusto® Reusable Coffee Pod (1 Pack)
SealPod Dolce Gusto® Reusable Coffee Pod (1 Pack)
SealPod Dolce Gusto® Reusable Coffee Pod (1 Pack)
SealPod Dolce Gusto® Reusable Coffee Pod (1 Pack)

SealPod Dolce Gusto® Reusable Coffee Pod (1 Pack)

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 Each package contains:

  • 1 refillable SEALPOD reusable coffee capsule
  • 1 cover
  • 1 lid
  • 1 strainer
  • 1 scoop
  • 200 filter papers (valued at £6 when sold separately)


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Ditch single-use capsules for good and switch to these eco-friendly, reusable stainless steel pods that are compatible with your Dulce Gusto® machine. They are super easy to use and clean.

Why use SealPod Reusable Capsules?

SealPod is the leading brand of reusable coffee pods. It's special patented design creates an intense and flavoursome coffee whilst it's durable stainless steel pod has built a fantastic reputation for it's long life span of 10 + years.

There are plenty of other benefits too:

Environmentally Friendly: Contribute to reducing billions of single-use pods ending up in landfill every year.

Value for money: Refillable capsules are a much more cost effective option than buying pre-packed. 

Freedom: Don't be restricted to the blends available from big brands. Filling your own coffee capsules means the freedom to choose your favourite coffee and explore any coffee.

Fresh coffee: Using freshly ground coffee ensures you get the very best flavours and coffee. Coffee from single-use pods can often be sitting on the shelves for up to 12 months which results in a stale and poor quality espresso.

Easy to use & clean: Quick and simple to use. Easy to clean in sink or dishwasher.

Fertiliser for your plants. Place your used coffee grounds straight into soil to act as a natural fertiliser.

Instructions for use:

  1. Place the strainer (looks similar to a bottle top) into the pod base. Choose to place the strainer concave side for espresso OR covex side for americano.
  2. Place the filter on top (optional).
  3. Fill with one scoop of coffee. Wiggle the pod to flatten the coffee and tamp down with the base of the scoop.
  4. Place the stainless steel lid on top (little holes are in this lid)
  5. Cover with the black rubber lid, pushing firmly in place around the outer edge.
  6. Place in Dolce Gusto® tray. 
  7. Align the rubber hole in the lid with the centre.
  8. Brew and enjoy!

After you've brewed your coffee, don't forget to get your SealPod out of your Dolce Gusto® machine basket! Once it's cool enough, remove the lid and wash out your reusable pod ready for it's next use. 

Try it today with our beautifully roasted coffee. Select Dulce Gusto for any of our coffee blends and we will grind it to order, perfectly for this pod.

You will get up to 30 cups of coffee from just 1 x 200g bag of JavaHub coffee, using the SealPod! 

Refuse to drink ordinary.

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