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Who it’s for: Your Optimistic, Vibrant, Sun-loving Side

Yellow. The colour of sunlight, warmth and optimism. Loved by the ancient Romans & Greeks, it was chosen to depict the hair of their ‘Golden’ Gods. In today’s world it represents 50% of colour on the Colombian flag. The yellow in the Colombian flag was chosen to represent the riches of the region including its soil, which as we know, produces wonderful coffee.

A single origin coffee showcasing 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans from the Huila municipality of Colombia. Our ‘Yellow’ coffee is a medium strength coffee which we put through a medium roast to draw out a sweet chocolate flavour with a black forest acidity.

Colombia is the world’s third largest producer of coffee and actually the largest cultivator of the Arabica coffee bean. Our Colombian coffee beans are wet processed, which means they are washed to remove the fruit covering the bean, before being dried in the sun, this helps to create a nice, medium body.

Who it’s for: Your Natural Entertainer, Wine Loving, Big Dreamer Side

Orange… the colour worn by people who want to be seen, like an astronaut. Often associated with amusement, frivolity and entertainment it is well complimented here then by the character of the African coffee beans used to make this single origin beauty. We source these 100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia Sidamo.

African coffee is widely regarded as being some of the most distinctive and flavoursome in the world, renowned for its dry acidity, fruity and at times winey tasting notes. You’ll definitely be looking for intense spices in this coffee but also keep an eye out for what you might recognise as a fruity wine flavour!

Africa is widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee and is still extremely prominent in today’s world, with the continent producing roughly 12% of the world’s coffee!

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