You think of the home and office coffee industry right now, and you see one craft bag after another craft bag, or high processed low quality coffee sitting on the supermarket shelves. Well what if we could offer you a middle ground?

JavaHub was born out of an idea to bring the traditional coffee industry into the modern era. Letting you have the fresh roasted coffee delivered swiftly to your door like many other micro to medium roasters, but with a commercial twist and plenty of opportunity.

We don't like to brag but our roasting partners and next door neighbours are perfectionists and are masters within the industry, with nearly a century of experience we guarantee fantastic flavours and coffee knowledge beyond what most UK companies can imagine.

Based in Kent, the Java Movement is quickly taking over the UK, with views to rapidly look overseas in the very near future.



A Stamp of Approval.

JavaHub doesn’t cut corners when it comes to coffee. We don’t buy bargain beans. We don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of profit. And we definitely don’t screw over the talented farmers we work with. Every cup you drink is 100% speciality grade, quality-checked over and over, and roasted fresh for your order. Because this coffee is worth the effort.

All our coffee is sourced through the Direct Trade model. Why? It’s a mutually beneficial set-up. We aim to get you the best coffee and the farmers a better deal. Paying an average of 55% on top of FairTrade rates means coffee farming isn’t just a viable career choice, it’s a profitable one. And it means they grow even better coffee - which you get to drink.

So Why the Modern Spin?

Because of our Affiliate network, it's important to promote a fun, diverse and energetic aura around the way we sell our coffee. From our incentives, training methods and even down to our packaging, we always aim to be different. Whilst revolutionising the way we all drink coffee at home or at work, we are also highly cautious about the effects on the environment, and the impact of corporate waste. A modern and fresh spin, means we can include the youth of tomorrow and keep promoting and implementing these important topics.


A Bit of History about our Roasting Partners.

Established in 1929 Herbert and Ward continue in the fine tradition of its founders, Messrs Herbert and Ward. They met in 1920 at a reception held at the Viceroys residence in India where a firm friendship was born. They both travelled extensively. Mr Herbert in Africa, India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) buying coffee, tea, cocoa and spices and Mr Ward through India, China and South East Asia buying tea, silks and spices for sale in the London Auctions.

It was on a return visit to London in 1929 they formed the new company, that grandfather Mr Miller joined as a young man at 16 years old. Herbert and Ward, a family run company continuing its success through grandfather, father and currently son Nigel Miller, selling fine rare teas and coffees sold in Great Britain and many customers throughout the world.

Herbert and Ward are immensely proud of their tradition, knowledge and expertise in the coffee and tea industry, but equally excited to be partnering with JavaHub to take the coffee industry into the new age.