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Choose The Best Coffee Machine For You

The right coffee machine can be the difference between a good cup of coffee and an unbelievable cup of coffee.

But which coffee machine should I buy?

No matter what coffee you love to drink, creating it at home has never been easier. To make it even easier still, here's a quick guide to help you work out what coffee machine will help you get there.

Bean-To-Cup Machines

Why choose a bean-to-cup machine?

  • The fastest way to make a coffee (20-30 seconds per cup)
  • Possibly the easiest type of coffee machine to use
  • Makes a wide range of coffees at the press of a button
  • Environmentally friendly (no need for filter papers)

Best if you...

  • Are often a little short on time
  • Are making coffee for lots of people (its quick!)
  • Don't like cleaning up too much!
Bean to cup coffee machines

Espresso Machines

Why choose an Espresso machine?

  • Make any type of coffee, the way the professionals do
  • Equipped with all the tools and gizmos you need
  • The greatest method for unlocking the deeper coffee flavours

Best if you...

  • Want to explore and perfect your coffee making skills
  • Are looking to impress your friends and family
  • Don't mind getting your hands dirty! (Trust us, it's worth it)

A tip...

Look out for machines with at-least 15 bars of pressure as they make the best espressos!

Espresso Machines

Filter & Drip Machines

Why choose a Filter & Drip machine?

  • Often feature programmable settings such as timers. Set yours to brew ready for when you wake up
  • Great for controlling the strength of each coffee you make
  • The entry level machines are typically more affordable than other coffee machine types

Best if you...

  • Like your coffee the traditional way
  • Want to wake up and smell the coffee!
  • Love the taste of filter coffee
Filter & Drip Coffee Machines

 Pod & Capsule Machines

Why choose a Pod & Capsule machine?

  • Don't want to spend too much time cleaning after each cup
  • Know exactly what you're looking for in a coffee
  • Short on time but still want the quality

Best if you...

  • Like your coffee the traditional way
  • Want to wake up and smell the coffee!
  • Love the taste of filter coffee
Coffee Pod & Capsule Machines

Coffee Grinders

Okay, we know these aren't coffee machines but...

We have to mention them.

If you really want to get serious about your coffee, a coffee grinder is one of the most important parts of kit you should own.

Choose your own coffee grind each time you make a cup of coffee. The consistency of your grind will effect the flavour and body of your coffee.

Coffee beans begin losing their freshness as soon as they're ground. Grinding your own ensures you retain as much flavour and crispness as possible.

Coffee Grinders


You've chosen your machine, how about some coffee to go in it?

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