We are proud to have one of the most lucrative and easily accessible Affiliate Programs in Europe, all revolving around something that most people drink every! With so many different routes to market, we've separated these options up, so click on the option below you think most represents you...

First, tell us what type of Affiliate you plan to be?


Online Influencer

If you're a social influencer or manage a celebrity online account, the JavaHub Affiliate Program offers an ongoing income as apposed to a one off contract. Our dedicated Influencer Account Manager, will get in touch with you to discuss the exact ways you can benefit from becoming an Influencer Partner, once you've filled in the form below.

With a single online post, you can generate an on-going income. Your followers will subscribe to the coffee subscription, and you'll receive £10 per payment every month, plus 10% on any shop purchases. For example, if your post generates 1000 subscriptions, you will earn £10,000, every month for that set of subscribers, as long as they keep on ordering. They also have the incentive to resell and get free coffee by just selling to 3 of their friends. A great incentive to Sign Up through you!

As you are aware, the more traction the better, so ongoing social media presence is only going to expand your income.

If you have under 10,000 followers / subscribers you can register straight away as an Affiliate by clicking the button below.

If you have over 10,000 followers please fill in the form below and somebody form the JavaHub team will be in touch shortly, to discuss the best options and providing free samples for marketing etc.

This JavaHub system is made for people like what are you waiting for? #JOINTHEJAVA

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Work From Home

Our most popular Affiliate Partnership is for those who have a passion to run their own business, either full-time or just as a side project for a bit of extra cash.

With the training and support from our JavaHub Team, we can offer you one-hell of an opportunity! Unlike most other Affiliate Programmes or Reseller Structures, we like things simple, but effective. For example, we don't expect you to purchase or hold any stock. We want you to concentrate on the one thing that is going to generate you what's that I hear you ask? So let me run through it for you!

For every person you obtain to subscribe to JavaHub Coffee we will give you £10 for every successful charged payment per month, every month. Meaning, firstly you only need 3 friends or family to subscribe to get your coffee subscription for FREE (that's our only rule, you have to personally subscribe too - but you get great coffee!). Secondly, if anyone uses your links to shop any other products or vouchers we will give you 10% on the value.

Further to that, we have a fantastic bonus structure and incentive scheme, meaning there are cars, holidays and extra cash up for grabs. Let us show you an example...

This is Maria. Maria started with JavaHub as an Affiliate in 2019 after deciding she wanted some extra money to fund a holiday that her and her family were planning. She's now becoming one of our most successful Affiliates, after slowly building her coffee circle.

Maria started locally, just speaking to her friends and family, and by the end of her first month had subscribed 26 coffee subscriptions, meaning she was earning £260 every month. But with how easy she found getting to this point, she took the next step, and started using the tools and help provided by JavaHub.

Maria is now a full-time Affiliate, and has 562 subscriptions, meaning she is earning £5620 every month and growing.

'I'm in my element, I ask people to join me for a coffee and chat, and by the end, they're joining me on my JavaHub journey. The easiest sell, is explaining they can do the same as me and get their coffee for free!'

Maria is now on target for becoming a 'Gold Member' meaning she will get a bonus of £5000 for the year.

We're looking forward to seeing Maria's success story continue, just like the many other affiliates succeeding from this great opportunity.

Fancy giving it a go, or would just like to get your money back to cover your own coffee kick? Register as an Affiliate below, only takes a minute to do. Once we've verified you at JavaHub HQ, you'll receive a welcome email and details on how to start making money, whilst enjoying our coffee.

What are you waiting for? #JOINTHEJAVA

Corporate Partner

From Small Business Start-Up to Blue Chip Corporation, we believe we can inject more life and cash into your business just by becoming a JavaHub Corporate Affiliate.

Although in most companies, you have a specific target market, or product you are selling, most will involve coffee in some way or form. From front-of-house in a shop, the local hairdressers to the staff room or a large corporate office, imagine offering our 22 blends of coffee to your customers or staff, but then making a further income by them buying for home use after trying.

This is what many of our corporate affiliates do. With our corporate media package you are ensured to make extra funds off the back of your new and existing customers and in-house staff.

By becoming a JavaHub partner we will pay you £10 every month that a subscriber is charged for their coffee subscription, plus 10% on any shop purchases.

For example, if your mailing list contains 1000 people, and you want to offer them a discount on a JavaHub coffee subscription for being a positive partner of the business, or star colleague of the month. On current learned data, 13% of these will subscribe, meaning you've just generated an extra £1300 a month for as long as they stay subscribed, just for keeping your team happy!

Register below, to get an Affiliate account with us, and if you would like some more information about subscribing yourself as a business please look though our Business Subscription Packages or get in touch with our B2B team.



Charities and Foundations always benefit from becoming a Charitable Partner with JavaHub.

We know after working with plenty of charities, both large and small, that fundraising is so difficult to be creative and inventive to draw in more cash to fund your brilliant causes. Well, with JavaHub we believe we offer something more reliable and cost effective.

The way it works is; you email or contact your supporters and offer them a fantastic discount on a JavaHub coffee subscription for being a long standing supporter, you also mention for every subscription payment every month JavaHub will donate £10 to your charity. This means, both, your supporter benefits from the discounted coffee, and the charity benefits from the donation from JavaHub.

A good example is a large international charity, that has just joined as an affiliate partner and emailed their UK supporters with a link to support the charity, get a discount on coffee. At least 13% subscribed to the coffee, and after market research as to why, it was because although they loved the fact that the charity was benefiting, they also got an opportunity to have our luxury coffee and resell themselves. E.g. if you had 100,000 supporters, and 13% subscribed to our coffee through your links or website then we would donate £130,000 to your charity every month that your supporters are subscribing. That's over a million a year, with no additional outlay.

The great thing is our fantastic, experienced JavaHub Affiliate team do a lot of the setup work for what are you waiting for?



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Web Affiliate

Interested in becoming one of our Web Affiliates, with fantastic subscription packages on offer, and terrific commission payouts, we have one of the most competitive schemes in the market.

Please click the button below to apply to become a JavaHub Affiliate.


So Why Join JavaHub?

Our four main points that separate us from other coffee opportunities...


JavaHub was born from a fantastic partnership with Herbert & Ward. A long standing coffee roaster since 1929, means fantastic knowledge of the industry and security in high quality product and customer service.

Ongoing Income

One of the differences between our Affiliate Programs in comparison to others is that we offer commission on every subscription. This means with an average drop off, of 4%, you're not only relying on the initial sale, but can gain commission on long subscribing customers.


You can work with the JavaHub network anytime and anywhere. If you're a stay at home parent looking to make some extra cash on the side, then JavaHub is for you. If you want join a thriving coffee business in an industry that is booming right now, then this is for you. If you're an online influencer, but want some more security then this is for you. Or even a charity wanting a more regular donor income then we have the perfect plan for you and your organisation. Let's get working!

Low Risk

With most other Affiliate Networks, you have to purchase product or invest in your opportunity right from the start. Not with JavaHub. All you have to do is look to sell the subscriptions and we give you all the tools, support and media to get going.

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