A Coffee Subscription That Makes Sense

A Coffee Subscription That Makes Sense

Throughout this lockdown, many people are sat at home, with little more to do than endlessly scroll through social media or online shops. Our retail stores have taken a beating, yet online purchases are growing more and more each day.

Something we have seen is a real boom in coffee and associated products, not just from ourselves but across the entire industry. Machine manufacturers have seen more sales in espresso and pod machines in the last month than most other years to date! There are a lot... and I mean A LOT of new coffee brands trying their hand at subscriptions and craft bag sales that you're spoiled for choice of where and how you receive your coffee.

Coffee drinkers are everywhere we look, from your machine pods, cafetiere to espresso, the common factor is we all miss that in café, freshly brewed taste. Most of you are buying stock for the home and with the lockdown set to continue, many coffee companies are adapting the way they operate to accommodate this change in trend.

JavaHub is different, we were set up for the online subscription market long before the coronavirus pandemic came about. We haven't had to change the way we operate as we have and continue to supply great tasting, fresh coffee direct to you at home, at work or in between. As we have seen our popularity grow however we have changed our offering to give you the best possible deal on coffee and the products you need at home.

Our subscription boxes have a choice of FREE V60 brewing kit or reusable Nespresso and Dulce Gusto compatible Pods. We include treats like syrups each month for you to try or recreate your favourite franchise brought coffee..... Caramel Latte being my favourite!

Choose from 2 to 4 bags of coffee in your box, depending on the amount you drink at home, chop and change the blends you try and even download the app to make the whole process just a tap away!

Right now you can benefit from 25% off your first box using the promo code SUBSCRIBE25 and with prices from just £16 to deliver fresh tasting coffee to your door, with all the kit you require to brew, we think its a steal worth grabbing!


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