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Introducing COCO Chocolatier

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We’re pleased to introduce COCO Chocolatier to our 2021 range. A fine selection of some of the best Chocolate products that you’ll ever taste.

So who are COCO Chocolatier?

Challenging industry norms since 2016, COCO begin the process of making their chocolate ‘at origin’ before passionately developing the finished product in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Calum Haggerty, who took over COCO Chocolatier in 2013, has a keen interest in art & design, which he had developed in his early twenties, collecting collages and various prints from independent artists. He wanted a way to make the artists, who create the wrappers' artwork, a main feature of their product. Ensuring that the artistic process is highly collaborative, and the artists are given complete creative freedom to produce what they think may suit the chocolate best.

Every product is treated like a mini artwork, and every collaboration is documented.

"The way I see it is that you have to be a content creator. If you're not actually making anything, where are you adding value?” Calum Haggerty

Boasting a collaborative canvas for artisans and artists alike; those who dare to disrupt, innovate and inspire. COCO is where creativity and cocoa collide, without compromise on style or substance.

Let's talk about the chocolate!

Supplied by the farmers across Colombia, the cacao is tested and following a high-quality standard check, the cacao beans are taken to a facility in Bogotá. Here the beans are processed into a product called chocolate couverture, which is high-quality chocolate buttons, not your average snack bag from the shop. These buttons then travel all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland, where COCO's team of chocolatiers work the buttons into amazing chocolate products including drinking chocolate, thins and bars.

So why do they Source 'at origin'? Partnering with Luker, a Colombian company working with cacao farmers across the country, and sourcing their finished product 'at origin' ensures more wealth stays within Colombia, which is a developing economy. They further contribute to Colombia's economic development through the education of local farmers how best to cultivate their land and get more from their yield.

Reflecting our own views on the direct trade model, keeping more wealth and opportunities within these family businesses, around the developing world is something we very much support and want to grow with. This is just one reason why we're excited to take inspiration from and work with them.

COCO Chocolatier use 100% natural ingredients and their chocolate is palm oil free and sustainably produced which is just one of the many reasons why we love them. Why not discover hints of nuts and blood orange in the cold brew coffee bar or create the perfect Mochas at home, utilising your steam wand to blend the drinking chocolate with milk, before pouring into your espresso. With great pairings such as our Moka Riz and the luxurious Salted caramel, find your perfect accompaniment to your latest bag of coffee.

You can find this incredible selection under our ‘Equipment & Kit’ online.

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