Fundraising with JavaHub

Fundraising with JavaHub

Here at JavaHub, we have a view to help as many people as we can. It’s great being a profitable start-up but shouldn’t all companies give something back?

We believe this whole heartedly and there are several ways we try to make a difference;

Rewarding the farmers who grow our beans, all around the world, with trade prices 55% above fair-trade rates, providing equal opportunities to ensure the growth, quality and sustainability of their business.

We want to do our bit to reduce litter and corporate waste, providing reusable travel mugs, recyclable packaging and our aim to bring coffee back into the home. Drinking coffee has always been a social activity and so we want to encourage people to try new things and gather your friends at home.

Rewarding those who want to share or promote our coffees with our coffee club affiliate program. Whether you are a business, influencer or an individual who wants to make some extra cash, we reward everyone who shares our blends with others.

Yet, a major part of all of our lives are the charities which help us, our businesses and even our beloved pets. Who, out of all of you, give to charity; individually or collectively as a business? Most of us do, right? There is always something close to our heart, that we just can’t avoid helping in some small way!

We take fundraising seriously here at JavaHub and so have put a lot of effort into working closely with charities from different sectors. We want charitable organisations to have the same opportunity as anyone else, to benefit from the services we provide and profits we make. Giving up to as much as 30% of our profits each month, away to a select number of charities, to continue the great work they do, which is a no brainer to us!

Charities that mean a lot to us or our staff, as well as those which help give back to the coffee farming communities, growing the quality beans we source.

But we aren’t stopping there!

We are always on the lookout for new charities which may want to come on board with our corporate partnerships, sponsoring events and so on. We may be a young company, but we are determined to change the world we live in for the better!


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