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Hot Chocolate is more complex than you think

  • Publié par Elliot Cotter

Hot Chocolate has been around for far longer than most people realise with its existence even dating back as early as 500 BC in Mexico, where the Mayans were drinking chocolate made form ground up coca seeds which was mixed with chilli peppers, cornmeal and water; A vast contrast to our normal powdered milk chocolate that we add warm milk or water too. This was the main method for drinking the chocolate beverage and was mainly unsweetened, that was until it made its way to Europe in the early 1500s where it was adopted by the Spanish upper class and led to the drink being served hot, sweetened and without the chilli peppers to facilitate to a more European palate.

This then further evolved in the 1700’s when it hit London, where the president of the Royal College of Physicians, brought a recipe from Jamaican origins which involved mixing chocolate with milk. This in his opinion made the drink far more palatable and was adopted nation wide by the English, generally being enjoyed as an after-dinner beverage. 

This leads us to the modern hot chocolate, that we all know and love. A warm, sweet drink that brings back childhood memories of playing in the snow during winter months, well for me at least.

Even today there are many different ways to create the perfect chocolate beverage. There are your typical instant powder drinks, condensed chocolate powder and the ultimate way of melting pieces of chocolate into hot milk. Creating different tastes and textures which takes us to the pinultimate question, to add mountains of whipped cream, marshmallows or both???

I am obviously assuming the answer to be YES!

Now we have a good slightly better understanding of where the beverage came from, here is a guide to what I believe to be the perfect hot chocolate;

JavaHub Hot Chocolate 

Step 1: Gently heat up 1 cup of whole fat milk on the stove, taking care not to let it boil or burn. 

Step 2: When the milk is hot, turn off the heat or reduce to the minimal setting to keep some heat. Now add your JavaHub Hot Chocolate powder and slowly whisk, you’ll want to add 2 tablespoons preferably but this depends on how sweet you want it to be. 

Step 3: Once the milk and the powder have all had a chance to get nice and homogenous, pour this into the mug of your choice - why not even put it in one of our travel mugs that you receive in the subscription for FREE for that on the go sweet hit.

Step 4: This is the most important step - add your whipped cream and marshmallows, the more the better in my opinion.

Step 5: Enjoy ! 

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