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Happy Mothers Day

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Mother, Mum, Mor, Patrino, Mutter, Maman, Okaasan, Madre or Omm, which ever language is your native tongue, the meaning behind the word is still the same. Whether the woman who birthed you or the parental figure who raised you we all love and appreciate our mothers

Although not originally celebrated in the same way, as it was originally planned as a commemoration of passing mothers, yet today we see a much more commercialised way to celebrate motherhood and maternal bonds, that are important to us all.

Who else would care for you, wash your clothes, cook for you, pick you up when you fall, help plan for your future and be that shoulder to cry on.. They worry about you when you're ok and they worry when you're not, so why not put them at ease this Mothers Day (Sunday 22nd March just to remind you) and give a little something back.

I don't know about yours but my mum loves a continuous flow of brews throughout the day and gets a little, shall we say crabby, when the flow runs dry!! I mean, to the point that I find myself running to the shop to stock up if I know she is on her way over! The last thing you want to happen, is for you to be left in the lurch when the milk runs out, so best to ensure WW3 doesn't ensue and stock up.. 

We all grab a card, flowers or some chocolate to show our appreciation but why not do something a little different this year.

Our Customisable coffee bags are the perfect gift this Mothers day, with catchy messages of love on the front, so you can show just how much you care. Maybe you can grab a colourful Pezzetti from our shop, for them to brew it with too!

We love our mums and know you do too, so go on, treat them to something special this year!

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