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New Year, New Start!

  • Publié par Pete Farrant

As we welcome a new year and a new decade, we reflect upon our choices, relationships built and lost, career and opportunities, making resolutions to better ourselves in the coming twelve months.. But how many of us stick to these resolves??

Some choose to give up a bad habit; smoking, drinking or even chocolate. Others choose to better their choices, further their career and ‘get back on track’ with what they want.

The one thing that many of us consider with these resolutions is our current financial situation and how we can improve it.

JavaHub was, in part, inspired by the idea of saving. Saving money, the environment, time or even a friendship using the one commodity that many of us would never choose to give up… Coffee!

Our starting point for this is to take that simple, yet costly choice to run into the local coffee shop and grab a latté on our way to work. Even our children can be seen in the local franchise grabbing a drink on their way to educate their young and ambitious minds.

So why do we not bring this daily act into the home?

If you have a passion for coffee, a true connoisseur, tasting different roasts and blends to find your perfect match. Maybe you throw a pod into your machine or just want something hot and tasty to pour into your travel mug and get away. Most franchises will only offer one blend, one roast to suit all, provided in a cup that is thrown away and not recycled or reused.

We wanted to change this and provide everyone with the means and knowhow to enjoy coffee the way they want it. That’s when the idea of a cheap subscription service to provide a variety of sustainably sourced, fair trade coffee beans or ground into the home for everyone to enjoy came about. Providing a V60 dispenser and travel mugs with every subscription to ensure that this simple but often required routine can be taken on the go, without the daily cost and litter associated with our trip to the local café.

Why stop there??

Everyone loves to share their stories, don’t they? We love it and want to reward people who share theirs too! So, we set up an affiliate program to resell this service to friends, family or colleagues. Meeting up and making the yearly coffee morning a more regular occurrence to share ideas, favourite flavours, show off new skills and to of course, just hang out together and make memories. The ability to enjoy others company doesn’t have to cost a penny but it’s amazing to think you can be financially rewarded with something extra each month instead. It’s our way of saying, ‘thank you for sharing!’




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