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What's changed in the face of Covid-19

  • Publié par Pete Farrant

Covid-19.. The name of a flu-like virus that strikes fear and worry into many of us, while sparking demonstrations in the name of freedom elsewhere.

With the last pandemic to spread through the UK, being so long ago that most of us were not around to experience the fallout. Tough decisions being made with the way we live our lives, our children's education and everything in between, is hard for many to bear especially as the weather warms up.

Restrictions to our lives should not been seen as a negative, when so many of our loved ones can be saved, simply by staying indoors and the future of our economy will inevitably depend on it.

Even with this in mind, lockdowns worldwide have seen businesses ask for support with wages and expenses or are faced with permanent closure. We've seen household names call in administrators, when it can be assumed that they have far more resources and infrastructure than most smaller businesses!

We know, like many others, we could face making that dreaded call. However we maintain a positive outlook on our future. By bashing our heads together (metaphorically speaking, as social distancing still applies) we've come up with a number of ways to ensure we offer our great products, at affordable prices and can continue to grow and support others around us. Our popular #STAYATHOME promotions and contactless subscription deliveries, have helped to ensure that we can continue to supply the UK with coffee during this tough time. 

But there is more to come....

With the introduction of reusable coffee pods, we are opening up our availability to all of you who use Nespresso or Dulce Gusto coffee machines. We have spent hours and hours, with samples at home, testing and developing the correct grinds for you to use and ensure that you still benefit from a rich crema and a great tasting coffee, while saving money and the planet from plastic pollution.

Our charitable subscription boxes helping those local charities we all care about. As we are a Kent based company The Aspinall Foundation, Family food bank and more are all benefitting from your continued support of your local coffee trade. We even ensure that we continue to give back to the communities most at risk, supporting Project waterfall supplying clean water and sanitisation, to those who grow and supply our beans.

New home brew coffee machines and brewing equipment of all shapes, sizes and prices to suit any novice or pro baristas making the perfect coffee. We add more as they are requested but you will notice brands like Nespresso, Smeg, Swan, Wilfa and Moccamaster to give you the best options to match your kitchen.

We are announcing competitions over the coming months. We've seen winners of espresso machines and next we have one for all the family to get involved in.. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcements on our social media!

JavaHub TV is being launched to promote the differences between our machines, grinders and brewing methods and more. Our man Ant, will take you on a journey through our blends and products enabling you to learn or improve your brewing skills and latte art. You will also be able to ask us questions which we will aim to answer in our live broadcasts.

There is plenty of planning and preparation going on to help support our local cafes and restaurants, when the government give us all the go ahead, to emerge from lockdown and reopen. 

With so much at stake across the country, ensuring that we can all reopen by supporting those around us is crucial.




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