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Thank You From JavaHub

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For years the NHS and emergency services, teachers and many more have been getting a bum wrap. Whether we argue that they work long hours or aren’t paid enough, lets face it, those of us who know someone in these roles, know that they work extremely hard. 

Just imagine for a second, any single parent out there, struggling to make ends and find childcare to work. Juggling the fine line of caring for and educating your child while finding time to work and provide. Now, consider ‘work’ was a 12 hour shift (at minimum) anytime of day or night, five or six days a week and with all the same struggles.

Could you find appropriate childcare that includes unsociable hours? 

Now take our present situation.. There is a viral pandemic sweeping the nation, that we are struggling to control. The government has told you to stay safe, protect your children, Keep a social distance, of 2 meters, away from each other and stay indoors unless absolutely necessary!! 

What if you can’t? What if you’re then told you can’t be furloughed, that you must go to work and put yourself in harms way everyday? In some cases literally giving your life to ensure our children are looked after or that we are safe and sound?

I’m not taking anything away from any parent or those single parents who don’t work, have day jobs or even do similar hours, outside of the NHS or emergency services, teaching etc. Yet for most of us, do we understand or have we even thought about just what they are doing?

Recently we have been showing our appreciation for those on the front line of this awful pandemic with many people crafting bags, face masks and more for the NHS. People donating food, money and time to charity, wildlife parks and those of us who are just doing our bit to help in our local communities!

We’ve seen nationwide applause to show appreciation for those heroes still working to protect, save, care for, supply and feed us all.

I hope that we can keep some level of the appreciation we are showing now, in the months and years to follow on from this. When you’re screaming at the customer services desk in your local supermarket, will you remember what they have done for us now?

Would we introduce or petition for a national appreciation day, a holiday in their memory?

I wanted to use this blog as a platform to show there are some amazing positives that have emerged from this crisis. 

  • Charities like FareShare who have been supplying homes and schools across the country with food for those in need.
  • The Aspinall foundation show each day just how much food is being donated to them, by the public, to ensure they can continue to feed and care for the endangered animals at their parks.
  • Project Waterfall who continue their battle to provide fresh water and sanitary conditions to coffee estates and farms across the world.

These are just a few of the causes we help with our own charity subscription boxes, sending £10 per month from each box to enable them to continue to be the heroes for their cause.

We attempted to work in the community alongside the Salvation Army to ensure those in need were visited and had what they needed.

Charities are popping up everywhere to support the NHS and others at this time, launched by footballers and associations as well as celebrities around the world.

Individuals are volunteering their time to deliver food, medicines and supplies to those in need around the country.

Others are making face masks and visors for the NHS. Teachers are online more than ever to create educational work for our children, virtual classrooms as well as those still providing direct care, for the children of our key workers. Joe Wicks and his morning PE sessions and Jamie Oliver quickly putting together a food series from home. Supermarket employees are still their to enable you to shop for food and supplies. 

There are so many things going on I couldn’t possibly list them all but…


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