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The 12th Blend

  • Publié par Pete Farrant

Everyone knows that coffee is readily available everywhere you look. Whether you buy instant or want to experience more from your home brew, you can't deny there are some great coffee's around!

As we are looking to revolutionise the home brewing market, by providing luxury, freshly roasted coffee in an affordable and convenient way. We figured why not bring you some of the best coffee from around the globe that would normally be at a premium and add them to our blends?

Wouldn't that be cool! No.. really?


As you can see, we decided to go for it. We are now going to bring to you some of the best coffee's you can buy, freshly roasted and sent direct to your door. What's even better, is that a new blend will be available every 2 months for you to add into your subscription or even just grab it as a one off addition!

We are starting with the very popular, Kenya Peaberry!

So what is the Kenya Peaberry? The Peaberry itself is the name given to the type of bean used for this blend. Due to the naturally occurring mutation in the reproductive cycle of the coffee bush, you sometimes find only one bean is produced by the coffee cherry rather than two.

As these do not have to share the space they occupy with another bean, they have a more rounded shape instead of the typical flat edge we see normally. This allows the berries to roll about in the roasting chamber more easily,  allowing them to roast slightly more evenly and in turn create a very consistent flavour.

Now the obvious question is how does this differ from the norm? 

Simply put, the result is fantastic! A coffee with an intensely rich, full-bodied flavour. With each sip from your brew, you'll notice a beautifully subtle milk chocolate tone with a punchy, sweet acidity from freshly snapped lemongrass to finish. 

This is a coffee designed to be enjoyed with a slow extraction, use your cafetiere, V60 or filter, Aeropress or similar and you won't complain about the result.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do! 

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