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The Perfect Coffees to Enhance Desserts, Treats and Sweets 

There’s something to say about the timeless and enduring association between the festive season and sweet desserts. Whether we’re curled up in our duvet watching seasonal classics or arranging festivities with family and friends, the celebrations would be incomplete without decadent puddings, frosted cakes and crumbly biscuits. Of course this is also the time of year when hot beverages take the limelight – and there are few things as comforting as sipping on a delectable brew of coffee to ward away the cold.

In the same way that festive holidays and festive movies are seen as inseparable, the same goes for desserts and coffee. The satisfaction of curling up on the sofa with a freshly baked pudding and a hot cup of coffee is truly unparalleled, and something we want everyone to have the joys of experiencing for themselves. 

For someone hoping to bring another level of sophistication and finesse to their culinary exploits, learning how to combine coffees with our favourite desserts is an irresistible and luxurious way to achieve this. The intensity and depth of a steaming hot brew is the ultimate accompaniment to the saccharine tones of decadent sweet dishes. With our exciting deals and offers, you are bound to find the coffee-dessert combo that you have been searching for.

Chocolate Heaven 

The depth and intensity of ristretto makes it a wonderful accompaniment to the mellow sweetness of chocolate desserts such as chocolate tarts or chocolate mousse. A ristretto definitely has a bolder and more powerful flavour profile than an espresso, and this means it is much more concentrated with a sweet and richer flavour.

This makes it the perfect counterbalance to the subtle bitterness of the cocoa which is so abundant in chocolate desserts. The stronger flavour of a ristretto ensures that it won’t be overwhelmed or overpowered by even the most potent of chocolate desserts. A great coffee to make your Restretto with is JavaHub's Moka Riz with it's caramel, treacle and dark chocolate notes.

Crumbly Cookies

The scent of cookies and biscuits baking in the oven is probably one of the most homely and comforting memories we have of childhood holidays. Recreate and enhance those precious memories by brewing a heady concoction of Turkish coffee as you wait for your bakes to be done. The bittersweetness of this brew balances out the sweetness of your cookies.

Traditionally, Turkish coffee has always been served with delicate and sweet finger-foods that can be eaten in a few morsels. Treat yourself to an authentic an experience as possible as you sip on your Turkish coffee with a tantalising selection of cookies and biscuits laid out before you. For a great tasting coffee, give the Turkish a go using our Jemala blend.

Nutty Combinations

Hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios and pecans are delightfully warming during the colder festive season, and they go perfectly with the dark roasted notes of an espresso. Espresso is a method of coffee preparation which means that it can be made with many coffee beans and for virtually any roast level.

What makes the flavour of an espresso so distinguishable, however, is when the almost-boiling water is forced through the coffee beans and creates that unmistakably powerful espresso flavour. Pairing an espresso using Moka D’or with a nutty desserts makes the ultimate melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

Flaky Pastries

Cappuccino is the quintessential hot drink adored by coffee enthusiasts everywhere, and the creamy sweetness of cappuccino embraces the buttery flakiness of pastries to create a wonderful melting sensation. With cappuccino, the texture is as important as the flavour, and it strikes that coveted balance between the sweet creaminess of milk and the lingering bitterness of the coffee beans.

Cappuccino can also be found in a variety of flavours, which means that it is incredibly fun to experiment with and pair different flavours of cappuccino with different types of pastries. Use a great tasting coffee as a base to create wonderful combinations such as our Moka Italia so whichever cappuccino you prefer, the quintessential foamy thickness of this coffee and the crispy crunch of pastries will make this combination one of your favourite festive traditions.

Spiced Morsels

Cinnamon infused coffee, much like Mulled wine, has become a mainstay of the holiday season, and pairing this coffee with lightly spiced desserts such as Christmas pudding or spiced cookies will beautifully enhance the notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and star anise.

Cinnamon has a naturally sweet flavour, which means that it’s a popular flavour in winter-time desserts, beverages and even savoury dishes. What’s more, the subtle hint of sweetness cinnamon will give to your coffee will also mellow the bitterness of caffeine – out Latino blend, with its bitter-sweet chocolate and hints of orange is an amazing starting point when infusing cinnamon. This combination is perfect if coffee as it is tends to be a little too overwhelming for your taste buds.

Fruity Delights

A delicious apple crumble or pineapple upside-down cake served with some smooth custard is the epitome of comfort desserts, and the subtle delicacy of a vanilla-flavoured coffee will balance the natural tartness of these fruits.

As with cinnamon, vanilla brings some sweetness to your brew whilst taking the edge off any bitterness. It’s another season favourite when it comes to flavoured coffees, and these pleasant vanilla notes will taste wonderful in a cappuccino, espresso or even an iced coffee! Complement these deserts best with the citrus notes of our Africano blend.

Coffee and Desserts – A Match Made in Heaven

Creating and combining flavours is a science as much as it is an art, and learning how to pair coffees with desserts is a delicate balance. We have some incredible offers at the moment for all coffee-lovers and dessert aficionados, and with the option to sample so many luscious flavours you are bound to find your next coffee obsession.

With the combinations we’ve listed above, you’ll experience the joy which arises from a perfect symphony of flavours, textures and ingredients. There is a coffee for every dessert, and when perfectly paired together the result is truly deliciously, delightfully and daringly magical. We believe that life is all about enjoying those everyday luxuries, and we always give our customers wonderful deals so that they relish only the highest quality brews with their delectable sweet treats.

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