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Is It Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas?

  • di Pete Farrant

It's that time....

Christmas is fast approaching and this year, more than ever, we are all thinking how much normality will we be able to enjoy in the festive season?

2020 has been filled with plenty of ups and downs but one thing we can all admit, is that we just want to forget the majority of it. The pandemic has been a huge blow on us all mentally as well as financially, with many people seeing the stability of a regular income taken away and our escape into the world of social interaction reduced.

The coffee industry has been hit with now 2 lockdowns, closures, job loses and even seen some coffee companies having to change the way they approach customers in-store and online, to avoid Covid-19. Delivery services have become the norm, with big players like Costa, using apps to deliver coffee to you at home even with their drive thru and cafes across the country. With more restrictions, comes less customer interaction and this has seen an up-take in more of you making fresh coffee at home.

As we look to Christmas, a typically magical time of year, we hope that we can still visit relatives and friends, exchange gifts without a postage stamp and more importantly take the little ones to see the big guy and helpers at his grotto.

Will deliveries be made on time and can the services we use handle the increased pressure placed on them? Of course lockdowns are still looming and with tier restrictions across the country, Christmas is looking a little bleak to say the least.

So what can we do about it?

Let's be honest, people handled restriction and hardship in a very different way in the past and maybe we could take a leaf out of their book as well as utilise modern technology, giving ourselves a fighting chance this year..

Crafting is a great way to spend time with family, reduce the costs associated with Christmas and give that personal touch to the smallest things. From crafting small gifts, decorations, hampers or even sweets in a cone to look like Rudolph, there are a number of things we can find online to create the perfect little something for those around us. Not forgetting the good old Christmas card which the kids can all get inventive with (as well as a little messy).

Get back into the habit of walking. Walks have become a thing of the past, with the only reason to spend time exploring outside, is at pace with a set of headphones on or with the beloved pet dog. Take the family out for an evening stroll, take a moment to experience nature at its finest with changing colours and the frosted leaves below you, it's an experience many of us have lost touch with.

With technology available to everyone these days, it is easy to sit in a room and not even notice the hours go by. Why not get in the loft, cupboard or where ever you're keeping those old board games, dust them off and grab the family to play. Games have always been a great way to ease the Christmas strain, spend time together and you don't have to do it online.

Use technology to Get Social! It has advanced, I mean really come leaps and bounds. There is no real reason for those who normally have lots of contact with friends and family to loose touch. Grab the devices we all love to spend so much time being unsociable on and use them to stay in touch with each other. It may not be quite the same but you can experience more social activities than ever online with those you care about. Get creative with a Christmas quiz that all the family can get involved with or have a laugh playing Facetime Charades. Maybe a device is the perfect gift this year to ensure we can stay connected to each other.. However you use it, use technology to connect with those near and far this Christmas.

Whatever you choose to do this year to help reunite with family, we hope you make it a fantastic Christmas!



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