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Colombian Reserve Coffee

  • di Pete Farrant

When we discuss what subjects we are going to write about, we look into what subjects are trending at the moment as well as the questions we get asked most regularly. Outside of the obvious;

'What size is this?' 'What is the best coffee to use with this?' 'How many coffees will this make?

We really love the more specific questions people have on our blends. Keeping that in mind we have chosen to write about our Colombian Reserve which seems to be very popular among you. When we look into coffee, it's origins and how that affects the flavour there are a few other areas we need to cover briefly first.

Like, are you aware that there are different species of coffee plant?

There are in fact quite a few but lets just worry about the main ones we all need to know about, Arabica and Robusta; 

  • The Arabica Bean is one widely consumed and most people will have seen the 'Arabica' posters in their local coffee house. Generally sweeter with a high acidity, this floral bean is a favourite around in the industry. The top three producers of arabica beans are Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia.
  • The Robusta Bean has a much stronger caffeine level as well as a harsher flavour. It’s often referred to as earthy, grainy, or nutty and is marginally easier to grow. Often seen as a lesser quality, cheaper coffee bean because of the higher yields available from the plant and many would turn their noses up to coffee made from this.

Some countries will only produce the one type others will produce a variety and this is usually down to climate, altitude and terrain. So taking this into consideration we then have to question whether the origin is single blended;

  • A Single-origin coffee is quite simply, coffee that comes from one place. 
  • Blended coffee however is when a roaster takes the time to blend together beans from different origins, to create a different mix of aroma, sweetness, bitterness and acidity. Often removing unbalanced flavours or impurities in a single origin bean.

So keeping these in mind, let's talk about our Colombian Reserve. We love this coffee and it turns out you all do too! Colombia is a country that dominates the industry with its high volume of crops each year. Serving up exclusively premium Arabica beans which is aggressively priced on the market, due to its high quality which is considered to be some of the best in the world.

It's believed that Jesuit Priests brought coffee to the northern regions in the 1700s and was very quickly adopted by farming families looking to make some money. Production boomed due to the ability to grow across the high Colombian terrain which created the great tasting arabica flavour we know today. Shipments of this soon went abroad first arriving in America in 1835.

With its rich flavour and low acidity, today Colombian Arabica is widely used as the base in many brands coffee blends. We like to honour its great taste with a simple medium roast, which makes way for a super sweet brew with nutty, cocoa undertones and low acidity.

We think it is best enjoyed from your cafetière but let us know what your preference is on social @javahubofficial 



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