Herbert & Ward

Herbert & Ward

Today the JavaHub team visited our coffee partner, Herbert and Ward. We got to see our beans from bag to shipping, as well as learning a bit about the history of the coffee industry in Britain. It was great to see how passionate they are, about the rich history of Herbert and Ward, who have been trading since 1929, as well as being given the opportunity to look through some original trading documents dating back to the 1930’s.

Observing what is involved in the production process, from the green beans in their bags, to the final product, has taught me a lot about where, why and how our coffee came to fruition. We also learnt about which countries, farms and estates we source our beans from as well as closely guarded secrets about our blends and how they’re created.

With our coffee in such high demand, we have the necessity for a GIANT roaster so that the beans we send out to our customers, are of the same great quality and taste, every time you order.

Due to this, Herbert and Ward purchased a UK designed, specialist kiln which is one of only a handful in the world. It means that the fumes that leave the factory are as clean as can be. Virtually as clean as the air itself! This way, we’re doing our best not to harm the environment during the roasting process, whilst keeping the taste to a maximum, for our wonderful customers to enjoy.

We got to try some of the new premium blends, which were strong and full of aroma, like our ‘1929’ which is nutty and sweet, to the Pacamara which has fruity citrus tones. We just had to give the new hot chocolate a go and it didn’t disappoint! It tasted like chocolatey heaven, so grab one in your next order and give it a go.. I dare you!


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