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The long awaited return to work!

  • di Pete Farrant

The last few months have been difficult on all of us, especially those vulnerable or alone, while the world went into lock down. We've seen many people and communities helping each other, neighbours, colleagues and strangers to ensure people are safe and in good health.

Businesses have felt and continue to feel the squeeze as more and more close down for good. For some this has been a period of time that doesn't seem to have any sign of dissipating. The hospitality industry is likely to be one of the last sectors to open, with some allowances potentially being made from July 4th.

Will this be anywhere near normality or are things likely to change for the foreseeable future?

For us here at JavaHub, it's back to normality this week, as we welcome back team members who have been furloughed and get them settled back in.

So a massive hello and welcome back to Megan, Elliot, Ant and Paul!

A lot has changed for us over the last few months. With a new selection of machines available, competition winners and our wonderful customers and their new found love of our coffee blends. We also, of course, have new rules on social distancing and safety measures regarding the reduction of surface contaminations.

There is a lot to learn, refresh and smooth with the return of those who have desperately wanted to leave the house and rejoin the JavaHub journey.

We can happily say that we are back, alive, kicking and ready to rumble. 

We apologise for any shipping delays our customers have experienced while we had reduced staff numbers and this should now be drastically improved.

Do however, bare with us while we rectify stock levels. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online orders have boomed and many of our suppliers are seeing shortages of stock nationwide

Thank you for your continued support!


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