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We Built a Wall...

  • di Pete Farrant

So today we built a wall.. no this isn’t a reference to Donald Trump and his wall to keep out what he considers to be undesirables, in the boarder-land state of Colorado! 

What we've done is much more exciting than that. We are in the process of building our studio. This will be the perfect stage to photograph our products but more importantly provide an invaluable platform for hints, tips, advice, tutorials, promotions, discussions and more.

Any of you that have been following us so far, will be aware of our coffee club, affiliate opportunity that has been created to give you a new and exciting way to earn money.

There are many of the so called MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies, where you work from home, buying and selling your own stock of their products for a small margin. All the while encouraging others to do the same, for you to earn an even smaller margin from them too!

Now, steering well away from these we decided to do something very different. We want to reward you with a payment from each sale you make but keep rewarding you for that same sale every single month! Think of it as bonus marketing, without the middle man taking a cut of what should be paid to you. Understandably, most of the people that have been interested in making a bit extra, have been at home looking for something just like this, without the hassles of recruiting and team building for a small portion in return. Whats even better is that this opportunity is for everyone! If you have a social media account, a passion for coffee and a couple of friends, then why wouldn't you get involved?

How Does It Work?

The process is really simple;

Sign up to become an affiliate via our website, ideally, you'd become a subscriber to our coffee, so that you can try and share our blends with others. 

Once you've signed up, promote our subscription across your social media or with friends and family. Each person that signs up to our subscription through you, will earn you a massive £10 each and every month, for the life of their subscription. As well as 10% of any purchases in our online store. Simple! 

For signing up just 3 people, you will get your coffee subscription completely FREE each month! What's better is that they have the same opportunity as you to become an affiliate. 

We haven't stopped there either! With bonus's to be earned, awards, Q&A direct with us, events and more, there is plenty to get involved in!

Get in touch if you would like to know more or sign up and #jointhejava




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