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Affiliate Policies


Know and follow the rules

DISCLAIMER: This is not the FULL Affiliate Agreement. Please find that online and review it for a complete set of policies. I am only including some of the basic policies as a quick reference.

- Must be a legal resident or legally authorised to work in the UK.
- A business CAN enrol as a JavaHub affiliate by submitting an affiliate sign up form. Individuals can change their status to a business entity as well.
- No affiliates are employed by JavaHub Ltd and are responsible for paying all taxes owed for the compensation they receive.
- There are NO geographical or territory restrictions within the UK.
- If you feel there has been an error in your commission, you must notify JavaHub in writing within 60 days.
- For each subscription submitted through an affiliates unique web link, the affiliate will be reimbursed £10 in the first week of each month that the subscription runs.

- No Mass unsolicited Emails. These should be sent to followers/ friends or family who have given prior permission for contact.
- Not allowed to sell products on EBay/Online Auction sites, on an online retail store, ecommerce site or similar.
- You are allowed to share and sell on social media sites.
- You do not need to purchase or hold volumes of stock to be or market as an affiliate for JavaHub.
- You are allowed to do sponsored links or pay-per-click ads. - ALL print advertising must be approved (
- Can use the JavaHub LOGO in communications for things for yourself to conduct business.

- You cannot have a third party produce items with the JavaHub logo without prior permission.
- Do not make income claims or guarantee to potential new affiliates.

- As an affiliate you may use the JavaHub name in the following manner:

Alice Smith
Independent JavaHub Reseller

- You are not allowed to use the name JavaHub in any form in your business name, tagline, an external website name (including social media) your Personal Website address or extension, in an email address, as a personal name, or as a nickname. Additionally, only use the phrase Independent JavaHub Affiliate in your phone greeting or on your answering machine to clearly separate your JavaHub business from JavaHub Ltd. For example, you may not secure the domain name, nor may you create an email address such as

- Affiliates may not make claims about the therapeutic or curative properties of any products offered by JavaHub, except those contained in official JavaHub literature.

- You may not enrol another JavaHub Affiliate under you or anyone else. You may not offer to pay for all or any portion of an affiliates enrolment nor may you offer gifts, incentives, or anything of monetary value in exchange for enrolling.

- You may offer a partnership with a charity or organisation, influencer or other third party, compensating the them a proportion of your own commissions from each subscription gain in return for advertising or promotion. This is managed entirely by the affiliate and they are liable for any taxes, returns required or compensation claims made against them.

- You may not purchase JavaHub products, either directly or by placing orders/purchasing product from another affiliate (regardless of who ends up with the product) to hold stock for resale. The compensation scheme is set up for subscription sales only and anyone found to be holding stock will be removed.

- No consciously targeting the sales force of another direct sales company for recruiting purposes


Using profiles and pages

SETTING UP A BUSINESS FACEBOOK PAGE - Same applies to other social media

A Business Facebook Page gives you a professional presence on Facebook. If you choose to create a business page, you’ll want to build it up and use it consistently.

* Go to this page and click “Create Page” on the top right corner.
Choose “brand/product” and then “food & drink”
* Your Facebook page name or image MUST say something about you being an Independent Affiliate and not give the illusion that you are representing the corporate page. Something like “Join the Java with Michelle” is fine. You can also use “Coffee Club by Annie” or something similar. The name does NOT have to have your name in it.
* You can schedule posts by clicking on the little clock icon below the area you write in. This is a very convenient way to keep your own business hours, but have the posts go on your page at the times that most people will see them. You can even set up your entire week of posts in just about 10-15 minutes.
* Try to be consistent with posts. Add tutorials, specials, your accomplishments, and things that would add value to those that see the posts.
* Add inspirational and funny posts as well.
* The most important thing with a Facebook Page is to increase the reach of your posts. The way to do that is increase your likes. There are lots of ways to increase your likes on your page, such as running promotions and giveaways. If you plan on using your business profile, I highly recommend learning more from social media experts on increasing your reach.

Here are some pages where you can find more great info:


* THE FIRST thing you want to post is a photo of you with your first subscription box and something similar to:
“Found this awesome new company that sends great coffee straight to the door! I just love it! Let me know if you want to find out more about it.” (Don’t post your website and don’t talk about it.)
* Many people like to use their own Facebook profile. The benefit of your own profile is that many of your friends will see your posts, instead of relying on people to like your page or join your group.
* You want to add more friends to increase your reach. When someone asks for information about the subscription or coffee, consider asking them to request you as a friend (it’s better for THEM to request you as a friend than for you to send them a friend request – helps you to avoid being put in Facebook Jail.)
* Don’t OVER post. You don’t want your friends to get completely annoyed, lol I would say keep 1 out of every 8-10 posts about your business. Your friends want to know you have a real life and time for your family. J
* Be subtle! People respond more to subtlety than “I’m looking for people who love coffee” or “I need to sell 4 more subscriptions to meet my goals.” Other people are attracted to success and people who are positive. Post things on your page that are uplifting and inspiring!



Add JavaHub to your job title and include your web link. Make it EASY for people to find out what you are doing. Don’t include your personal address or home number – a mobile phone number is optional. E-mail is a great idea. You may also want to reconsider some of the things you are posting – if it’s something that could be offensive, controversial, etc... maybe keep it off Facebook and limit it to private messages.


This is totally up to you but considering that your profile may be one of your best marketing tools, you may want to enlarge your circle of influence. Look over the friend “suggestions” on the right side and see if there are people you’d like to add so they can see what you are doing with JavaHub. Consider adding clients as friends so that they can be tagged and THEIR friends will see it. If you are friends with someone you can also post on their profile thanking them for their order.


***FRIENDS vs. PUBLIC. While I’m encouraging you to post more often, use common sense and be safe about what you share. Don’t make personal things “public.” Your public posts could just be your JavaHub photos and testimonials. You want someone searching for your name, to see that it’s very obvious that you are a JavaHub affiliate unless you have set up a separate page. Don’t share when you are out, on holiday or where you’ll be going. Don’t give out your personal address on your profile or posts. You can read more about Facebook safety here:


You can include on your profile a comment that is a testimonial on the products, *X’ has just shared with me how much he loves his morning coffee now that his first subscription box has arrived. Yeah!’ And, if possible, always show a photo. Ask clients to take photos of their results and share them with you, along with their personal review and make sure to ask them for permission to share!


Facebook can be a TIME SUCKER! Stay focused and keep on task. It may be helpful for you to use a kitchen timer especially if you are working with kids at home. Set the timer for 30 minutes and let your kids know you’ll be working for 30 minutes, but once the timer goes off you are available to do things with them. Time management is a skill that anyone can improve on.

Remember that Facebook is NOT the only way to market your business. But with the amount of people using Facebook, it’s definitely an amazing tool you can and should utilise!


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