Regular Coffee Survival Kit

Regular Coffee Survival Kit

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Standard: V60, filters and 500g bag of coffee. 

The revolutionary conical V60 dripper helps your filter and brew coffee to exacting standards. The 01 model is perfect for brewing a cup of coffee for one person. One of the most popular entry level V60s, this model also comes packaged with a measuring scoop and a "How to Brew" manual.

V60 white filter papers are perfect for use with the JavaHub V60 dripper. Featuring a pointed end which fits through the end of the V60 dripper. The filter papers are disposable, so you enjoy a fresh, brand-new filter every time you brew. We suggest rinsing thoroughly with hot water before each use. This flushes the filter paper as well as pre-heats the brewer.

Choose one of our 11 blends of fantastic coffee from all around the globe.

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